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Allie Finkle Ruls For Girls The Moving Day
Meg Cabot
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This book is about how a normal girl finds out she is moving. She gets so mad beacause she doesn't want to move to a new house and go to a new school and make new friends.Read how Allie Finkle comes up with a plan how not to move.
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  • Characters- Allie is the main character of this book. In the story, Allie's Mom, Dad, brothers ,Kevin and Mark,and friends Mary Kay and Brittany Huster are a big part of Allie's life and her move.
  • Settings-This book takes place in Allie's old house and her new house. It also takes place in Allie's favorite ice cream store, Dairy Queen, and Allie's school.
  • Problem-The problem in this book is that Allie does not want to move. She is having problems with her friends, Mary Kay and Brittney Huser at school, they are being really mean to Allie.
  • Major Events- The major events in this story are when Allie and her family move and Allie's problems with the move. Some other major events are when Allie releases an indoor cat to the outdoors,and when Allie steals a turtle. The last major event is Allie's problems with her friends.

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