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Allie Finkle ruls For Girls Stage Fright

Meg Cabot

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This book was about Allie's class doing a school play about recycling. There's a lot of drama, and Allie gets scared before the show starts. Read the book to find out if Allie gets the part she wants or if she doesn't.
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  • Characters- Allie is the main character of the book. Allie's Uncle Jay is very into plays, he is trying to give tips to Allie for her play. His advise has some ups and downs by making Allie cry. Sophie, Erica and Carline are Allie's best friends and always will be. Allie's best friends and her are all very exited for the play and can't stop talking about it.Sophie is being very dramatic about her part and is bragging about it. Allie and Sophie get in a fight, but make up pretty quickly. Erica is always trying to make peace and is always saying," you guys this is silly just be friends again". Caroline is staying out of every thing and does't even want to be in the play, but she had to so, she got a small part.

    • Settings- Allie's school, which is not that big of a school. The gym is one half of a room and the other half is the lunch room. Allie's class room is room 201. Allie sits in the back row with all the boys and Rosemary.
    • Allie's house is a really old house with secret passage ways and a built in bell in the carpet. In the olden days they would be eating at the kichen table and push on the bell with your foot. Then the butler would come out of the secret passage way and give them something they need, but Allie uses the secret passage way to play hide and go seek. Allie's house is VERY big!

  • Problem- Allie is in a fight with Sophie about how Sophie is bragging about her part in the play, and yells at Allie about her costume. Also, there's a lot of drama with the play caused by Cheyenne and Sophie.

  • 5-6 MAJOR events of the story
  • - Allie and Sophie are in a fight. Sophie is bragging about her part in the play and telling Allie that her costume looks bad. Cheyenne is being selfish. She is doing anything she can to steal Sophie's part in the play.
  • Allie's class is doing a play. The play is about a princess who recycles, and her evil queen step mother who is trying to kill the princess because she is nice and helping the environment, but the queen ends up killing her self.
  • Uncle Jay is giving Allie advice about how to act in the play and how to audition, and to find out more about her character in the play.
  • Allie's mom got a job on the most watched T.V show called Good News. She thinks that her mom will become famous so it will make her famous too. Also, Allie thinks she will be walking down red carpets and signing autographs.
  • Allie try's out for the same part as Sophie and Cheyenne. Her friends think that Allie is trying out for the same part as Cheyenne and Sophie so that Cheyenne won't get the part,but not good enough so that Sophie gets the part. Allie is really trying out because she really wants the part.
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