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Book Title:
A Good Night For Ghosts
Mary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
Number of Pages:
112 pages
This Book Was About:
Jack and Annie go on a great adventure to New Orleans to meet one of the most famous people in the history of music.
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  • The characters in this book are, Jack and Annie, the two kids that went in a magic tree house to New Orleans. Louis Armstrong (Dipper), the famous African American jazz musician that Jack and Annie went to find. Little Mack, Happy, and Big Nose Sidney are 3 friends of Louis Armstrong that would sing with him on the streets. The ghost of Jean Laffite who lives at the blacksmith shop.
  • The story takes place in New Orleans in 1915. The date is October 31, and it is the "Eve of All Saints Day" which is Halloween. People wear different types of costumes and have parades. It is known as the spookiest night of the year.
  • The problem in the story is Jack and Annie have to try and find "Dipper" to convince him to folow his dreams to be the king of jazz.

  • Jack and Annie travel in a Magic Tree House from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania in 2010 to New Orleans where the year is 1915.
  • Jack and Annie are sent on a mission to find Louis Armstrong (Dipper) and convince him to follow his dreams and keep playing instruments, singing and become the "King of Jazz."
  • Jack, Annie, "Dipper" and his friends went into a blacksmith shop to get out of the rain where the ghost of Jean Laffite appeared. Annie played the magic trumpet that Teddy and Kathleen gave them to play when they are scared.
  • Alot of ghosts appeared through the walls and trapped Jack, Annie. "Dipper" and his friends. Annie gave "Dipper" the magic trumpet to play to try to make the ghosts go away. The ghosts started singing and they danced away through the open door.
  • Jack and Annie showed "Dipper" their research book with the picture of him playing the trumpet as the "King of Jazz". From then on "Dipper" started playing the trumpet and became famous.

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I rate this book wikirific/wikioker because it was not bad and not really good.